Past telescopes

I build several telescopes in my youth and college years which are lost or are gathering dust. I started with a 6 inch f8 on a split ring mount. Then I rebuild this telescope to a truss dobson. Finally I rebuild this telescope to a single arm mount.   I also build a 4 inch f4.5 to use for travel. I’m still looking for photos of most of these telescopes.

Some pictures of an early and somewhat crappy attempt at an ultralight 6 inch f8.

Some pictures of an 4 inch f4.5 I build for a trip to the US in 2000. This was the third telescope I build and not the most practical design. Although the telescope preforms well enough, setting it up takes half an hour due to all the nuts and bolts. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend anyone copying the design.

More pictures as I find them.