11 cm f4 Travel Scope

11 cm f4 Travel Scope


In 2002 I made a small telescope for a trip to the USA. It was a first attempt at making a compact instrument and as a consequence not a great succes. It needed a lot of nuts and bolts for assembly and it was not very practical.

20 years later I again needed a small telescope for trip abroad. This time it was a backpacking holiday to Asia. So I made a second attempt at a small portable telescope.

The build

The telescope was designed in Fusion 360 and most of the parts were printed with a Creality cr10s pro, using Petg filament and a 0.6 nozzle. This size of nozzle slightly decreases how smooth the prints are compared to the standard 0.4 nozzle, but it enormously increases the speed with which one can print parts.

The two trusses were leftover carbon tubes (16 and 12 mm).

The standard eyepiece for this telescope is a 20 mm 66 degree with a magnification of 22x.