8 inch f4 newton 2.0

IMG_2047After using version 1.0 of this telescope for a number of years. I wanted to correct some flaws in the original design. So in 2014 I rebuild parts of the telescope. The main problem with version 1.0 was that it took me about half a hour to setup the telescope. This was mainly due to the complex secondary ring and the collapsable alt-az base. Also the focuser was not up to par.

Secondary ring

The secondary ring of version 1.0 consisted of segments that were put together with small nuts and bolts. The new ring is a single piece out of 12 mm plywood that is reinforced with several layers of carbon. The new focuser is a rotating type and can be detached for transport. The new lightshield is made out of Kydex and is less prone to flapping around in windy conditions.


When I designed version 1.0, I initially intended to use the mirrorbox for storing the secondary mirror, focuser and parts of the alt-az mount. Although everything fitted in the suitcase I was using for transportation, the mirrorbox was a little cumbersome. For version 2.0 I shortened the box by a few centimeters and added larger bolts for attaching the strings. I also added a small counterweight on the bottom of the box too balance the scope for larger eyepieces.

The alt-az mount

Although the first mount was working perfectly well, it was a bit of a nightmare to assemble and disassemble. The new mount is much easier to take apart. I also has a slip mechanisme so I can vary the amount of drag on the azimuth.