Isaac Newton's homemade telescope These pages are dedicated to several telescopes that I build over the last 20 years. As the title of website suggests Amateur Telescope Making is a big part of my hobby. Although I was kind of forced into building my own instrument due to a lack of funds, I’ve always felt that making your own is something marvelous. Creating your own instruments is as fulfilling as building your own boat and finding new land. Discovering the universe with your homemade telescope gives every observation an extra dimension.

I’ve not been blessed with an exceptional talent for mechanics, so most of my telescopes have come about by trying something and then failing or (by chance) succeeding. Hence it took me a while to build a telescope that really worked, 15 years in fact. The telescopes that feature on this website where preceded by many failures. My advice to others with a similar talent for mechanics could therefore only be; “try and try again!”

8 Inch f4 Stringtelescope

17.5 Inch f4.5 Stringtelescope

17.5 Inch f4.6 Binocular

Old telescopes